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Top 10 tallest structures by the end of 2010

Top 10 tallest structures by the end of 2010

By: Mike  In: Smartphones and Cell Phones  Updated: Dec 18, 2010

Top 10 tallest structures by the end of 2010With the number of people living on earth growing exponential (6 billion in the last 100 years), there’s no room for cities to expand on the ground, especially in the big overcrowded areas, and that’s why architects are planning many ways of expanding through the air. No, we’re not talking about flying cities, just about structures that are getting higher and higher everyday.

So, here’s a top of the world’s highest structures that already exist nowadays or are going to be built by the end of this decade. Hope you enjoy it.

Special mention

Yeah, I know, this building is a little out of the time range, as it is scheduled to be completed way after 2010, but it worths being mentioned, being by far the tallest structure, with an estimated height of 1001 m (3,284 ft). And the name? Burj Mubarak al-Kabir, part of the Madinat al Hareer (City of Silk), massive complex that is going to be built in Kuweit over the next 25 years, containing the tower, a new airport, a natural reservation and many business and entertainment centers.

Madinat al Hareer
Burj Mubarak al-Kabir, part of the Madinat al Hareer complex

With 1001 m, the Burj will be almost twice as high as today’s record holder, Taipei 101. A graphic sketch of the final project is shown in this picture, and I can’t wait to see what are the enginners going to achieve in their tasks of building a tower higher than 1 km.

Number 1

The Burj Dubai is projected to be the world’s highest land structure built on land by the end of this decade. With its construction started in 2004, the building is expected to be finished in 2009, when it will rise to a estimated height of 818 m (2,684 ft) (although some sources announce numbers up to 1011 m).

Burj Dubai
Burj Dubai – tallest land structure by 2010

Built in the “New Downtown” of Dubai, the structure was designed by the famous ”Skidmode, Owings and Merril” company, also in charge of the Sears Tower in Chicago and Freedom Tower in New York. Having more than 160 floors, the tower will house 30.000 accommodations (situated between floors 37 an 108, these apartments were sold in just 8 minutes from the moment the prices were posted) and a vast number of hotels, shopping centers and entertainment areas. A massive park will surround the tower, and the estimated investment in Burj Dubai will be over 8 billion dollars.

Number 2

The Tower of Russia will be a part of the Moscow City project that is going to be built in central Moscow over the next years, and will combine all the activities that can be done in a major city. Raised over 1 square kilometer, this “city inside the city” will contain several interesting buildings, with the Tower od Russia as the jewelry, with it’s projected 648 m (2,129 ft) height.

Tower of Russia will be a part of the Moscow City
Tower of Russia wil be built in Moscow

Construction began this year, and the 1.5 billion $ building is supposed to be finished by late 2010.

Number 3

The Incheon Tower, would be the centerpiece of a 1,500-acre, $11 billion residential, office and hotel complex that is going to be built in Incheon, South Korea, only 20 miles away from Seoul.

Incheon Tower
Incheon Tower in Seoul

When it’s going to be completed in 2010, the Icheon Tower is planned to rise to 640 m (2100 ft) above the sea level, placing it on the podium as our number 3 tallest structure in the world.

Number 4

Curently the world’s tallest structure built on land, but planned to drop off the podium by the end of 2010, is the KVLY-TV, a television mast that rises at 628 m (2063 ft). Used by Gargo station KVLY Channel 11, it serves a very large area (30,000 square miles) in North Dakota, USA.

KVLY mast
The KVLY-TV mast

The tower was assembled by a 11 members crew in 33 days back in 1963, which is pretty amazing for a structure that big. Only the antenna in the top weighs 9000 pounds and can be accessed via an elevator or by stairs (just imagine how it would be to climb up an iron ladder 600 metres high…)

Number 5

Chicago Spire, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, will become America’s tallest building by the end of 2010, raising higher than the Sears Tower and and the new Freedom Tower in New York, at 609 m (2000 feet).

Chicago Spire
Chicago SpireChicago Spire
Chicago Spire will be the tallest building in Northern America

The shape of this structure is the one really impressing, looking like a spiral that screws itself into the sky. The Chicago Spire will be built on the piece of land (280 square miles) from the junction of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. The current plans call for the bottom 20 floors to be occupied by a hotel, while the rest of the building is filled with 1200 luxury condominiums. Construction began this month and the colossus is scheduled to be completed by late 2010.

Number 6

The Port Tower is a building planned for Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan. With collaboration from local and foreign investors, and the Karachi Port Trust, the Port Tower will be 593 m (1947 ft) high. The height of the tower has special significance as it represents the year when Pakistan won its national independence: 1947.

Port Tower in KarachiPort Tower in Karachi
The Port Tower design is not final yet

The tower will be part of the Krachi Waterfront complex which will be constructed on artificial islands in the shape of symbols of the flag of Pakistan: a crescent and a star, and will house among others a hotel, a shopping center, and an expositions center. Construction didn’t yet started but could be finished by the end of 2010 so I included Port Tower in the top, as number 6.

Number 7

Jakarta Tower is a structure that is under construction in Kemaroyan, Central Jakarta, Indonesia, standing 558 m (1,831 ft) tall, up to the antenna. Expected to be finished by 2010-2011, the tower will have many purposes, functioning as a hotel , observation deck , tv/phone tower , discovery/science center and shopping mall.

Jakarta TowerJakarta Tower
The Jakarta Tower

Number 8

Number 8 is another classic, the famous CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, situated next to lake Ontario. Standing 553 m (1,815 ft) tall, it has been the world’s tallest free standing structure since its completion in 1976. Considered by most the icon of the city and even of Canada, the CN Tower is used for communications but also as a tourist site, attracting more than two million international visitors annually.

CN Tower
The CN Tower is the symbol of Toronto

Number 9

After the tragic events o September 11, 2001, when the twin World Trade Center towers collapsed, New York promised they will return with something even greater. The Freedom Tower will be they key building of the new World Trade Center complex that is going to be built in Lower Manhattan, next to Ground Zero and the Memorial that is also being built there.

Freedom Tower
The Freedom Tower, part of the new World Trade Center Complex

Construction started in spring 2006 and it is expected to be ready by 2009-2010, standing up to 541 m (1,776 ft) on the top of the antenna. That would not be enough to claim the tallest structure title by 2010, as you can see it lies at the bottom of the Top 10, but it is somewhat taller than the older building, and I guess that was the point after all.

Freedom Tower
The Freedom Tower, standing in the middle of Lower Manhattan

Number 10

It is funny how technology evolves these days, as you can see that in just 3 years, currently the world’s tallest skyscraper (509 m (1670 ft)) and 3rd structure overall, the Taipei 101, will lie on the last position of our top.

As you know, Taipei 101 is a 101-floors tower situated in Taipei, Taiwan, finished in 2004 and worth 1.6 billion $ as an initial investment. Dominating the city’s sights, being the tallest structure there, the Taipei 101 incorporates many architectural aspects of Chinese heritage, as the Ancient Chinese coin myth or the dragon heads added to the corners.

Taipei 101Taipei 101
Taipei 101, highest skycraper up to date

Technologically, the building is very advanced, as it has to fight the harsh Taiwanese climate and the great number of earthquakes taking place there annually. The world’s fastest pressurized elevators and a 900-ton mass damper installed on the 87th floor are just a couple of the engineering marvels built inside Taipei 101.

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  1. These are magnificent feets of engineering, coordination, commerce, technology, art and will power. I am aw struck.

    As an American who lives in bubble of filtered news which portrays the Middle East as a volatile land prone to terrorist attacks, Muslim extremists and irrational Iranians I can not help but wonder is there danger of the structures, particularly those in the Persian Golf, of being attacked? Logic tells me that if billions of dollars are to be risked on these structures surely the fear is not that great or can be mitigated against.

    Best wishes…

  2. A lot of countries that one would not think would be enormous skyscrapers are on this list. Very interesting. I love the skyscraper war. The Burj is going to be insane.

  3. The battle for the bigger skyscrapers is a matter of pride, not a matter of making money, as I know for sure that Taipei 101 was not a successfull business. Rental price per square meter is high, some people fear working in tall buildings and so on…

  4. I hope that ladder is not made of iron.

  5. Those are some really nice designs, the worst design seems to be the WTC buildings (which IMO were screwed up by the designer). The KLV-TV mast I wouldn’t consider because it’s not really inhabitable

  6. I love that CN Tower. It just looks cool. I remember when some stunt man, now deceased, jump off of it. Toronto would be even more boring without it.

  7. It’s the architecture firm of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill for Burj. The firm is also th lead designer for the Freedom Tower and Tower 7 adjacent to the site. Their design for another residential tower in Chicago would be been nicer than Calatrava but Trump has put it on hold I believe.

  8. (1,776 ft) That would not be enough to claim the tallest structure title … but it is somewhat taller than the older building, and I guess that was the point after all.

    I think you missed the significance in the height. Has nothing to do with “taller than the older building”.


  9. Excellent list! It’s amazing the things we’ll see in the next 10 years!

  10. Yeah, Surge. You definitely have a point there. I’m not American so the year didn’t ring any bell, but now that you point it out it does ;)

  11. I wouldn’t doubt if 2 of these structures don’t get completed.

  12. Those are magnificent feets of engineering, coordination, commerce, technology, art and will power. World is going high to higher day by day i mean advanced to more advanced.

  13. the world will be a beautiful place after all !!! Yay !!

  14. Well, To my mind, world must have to see the paearence as well of the structures instead of only the height, but this war of skycrappers will move on and on, and son we see world progressing very fast. First the tallest mountains fascinate me very much but I alsways wonder why there is only few of the tallest mountains, but in the form of Sky Crappers we’ll Now see vast majority of high structures. Good going. Burg of dubai, Tower in Chicago and S. Korea and offcourse, Port Tower of Pakistan fascinate me very much.

  15. Unfortunately, some buildings will not be build because of lack of money caused by the recession, I guess.

  16. waooo ke mierdas tan altas XDDD

  17. I like the crystal appearance of freedom towers, chicago sapire’s wonderful. Wonder how the the plans are drawn n interpreted

  18. very nice!

  19. I saw the Burj this March, at its full height. Absolutely unbelieveable.

  20. reaching to the sky very marvelous…..the only challange left is reaching 1ooom n above tall structure

  21. Mind Blowing………….

    I’m Proud that 6th Highest tower will be in my City


  22. hi,
    you know there building the freedom tower in the USA but isn’t it just going ot be another terrorist target? and is it going to be the worlds tallest building? and why didnt you just put an memorial building there instead?

  23. so whats the tallest structure of 2010?

  24. hello,will all this structures be completed by the end of 2010-2011 because, i would really like to see them in the coming years.

  25. It took about 10 minutes to sweep off the Sears Tower from the top 4 down to like the top 14. Amazing, seriously. But, many of those buildings haven’t even started yet, thus the newly crowned Willis Tower will be with us until these plans take place.

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