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Nike iPod armband II, a kit for sportsmen

Nike iPod armband II, a kit for sportsmen

By: Mike  In: Multimedia  Updated: Dec 5, 2011

The famous Nike armband specially designed for the Apple iPod has now reached the second generation. The first generation was already popular among athletes, but this one is even better. Made with lightweight Nike Pro special fabric, the armband is expandable and protects your iPod perfectly from both minor shocks and sweat while performing physical exercises.

In fact, is one of the best iPod cases in this category ever made and its qualities are the ones that made this cover so popular between regular users who like to work out and listen to music, but also between athletes.

Nike Sports-kit
Nike’s Sports Kit fits perfectly the new armband

Of course nobody would want to use an iPod video with an armband, that’s why this thingy fits only the iPod Nano and the special Nike Sports Kit. While the player sits comfortable in its designed enclosure, the display remains visible through the special window, and the Click Wheel buttons are accessible via those embossed controls, like you can see from the pictures.

Nike Armband
Nike has redesigned their iPod armband for athletes

Designed for performance and endurance, Nike Armband II is the perfect companion while running or training. Light, stylish and flexible, you can get your own version for just 29.99 $ from the Apple store of from the gadget bellow.

Source: Ubergizmo

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