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LG PX950 3D Plasma TV has THX 3D certification

LG PX950 3D Plasma TV has THX 3D certification

By: Ionut Popa  In: Technology  Updated: Jan 4, 2011

Plasma TVs are outdated tech if you compare their newest LCD siblings. There have been a slew of LCD 3DTVs since last year but still some companies have high hopes for plasma. LG recently introduced its PX950 series of 3DTVs, all of which are plasmas. These babies aren’t glasses-free and may not come with any glasses too. The thing that differs these from the rest is that they’re the first 3D plasmas to have this THX 3D certification for sound and visual quality, usually found in cinemas (read more about THX here and THX 3D).

It involves rigorous tests on color accuracy and viewing angles. There’s also a 2D to 3D conversion system and those popular apps such as Netflix and Skype.  Unlike Dolby, THX 3D is pretty new on the TV market. Expect other TV makers to release their own THX 3D certified TVs soon. The PX950 comes with a 50 and 60 inch version priced at a reasonable $1999 (50PX950) and $2999 (60PX950) respectively, both 1080p Full HD resolution (reasonable for 3D TV’s).

Surprisingly, the 60 inch model is already available for sale on for 2339$ discounted price.

LGPX950 3D plasma

LGPX950 3D plasma

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