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Land Rover LRV+ friendly SUV

Land Rover LRV+ friendly SUV

By: Mike  In: Technology  Updated: Dec 5, 2011

The British from Land Rover are really good at producing all road adapted vehicles. The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) isn’t so well approached by the company yet, although the Freelander is kind of an SUV. The LRV+ concept is on the other hand a car that addresses both the SUV lovers, with its look and capabilities, and the contenders, being eco-friendly.

The LRV+ targets the American market, by offering the comfort, the luxury and the size that the Americans love, combined with a parental care for the environment and the other drivers.

Land Rover LRV+
Land Rover LRV+ has a foldable platform on its side

The LRV+ has a futuristic look and comes with only two doors. But that doesn’t mean it’s a small vehicle. No, it can easily accommodate up to 5 people and a bunch of their luggages, while carrying them around the city but also in their vacations.

Like the designer of the LRV+ says, one of the main challenge behind this concept was achieving the compromise between purposeful design for the existing SUV customers, whilst reducing the intimidation factor. And they kind of did it. As you can see from the pictures, the cars has a foldable size. While down, a multi-functional side panel is revealed, offering the ability to access the vehicle from the side.

Land Rover LRV+
Many sketches were made before the designer reached the final form of th LRV

Thus you can load/unload the car easily, or remove the back seats, creating a flat platform for various needs. The back seats can also be relocated facing sideways on the lowered panel, thus creating some kind of a sofa outside the car. You can just park the car near the lake and throw in the lure while standing in it. That’s just the first thing that crossed my mind, but there are many other advantages of this approach.

Land Rover LRV+
Land Rover LRV+ or The great looking eco-friendly SUV

Technologically, we don’t know yet what could lie under the hood, cause this concept is more about the design. And although it’s hard to think that we’ll see something like this on the roads in the near future, it houses some interesting ideas that could be used on the mass produced Land Rovers someday.

Source: YankoDesign

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